is a new type of Sunday evening meeting centred around the 1st and 2nd Commandments – loving God with all our heart soul and mind, and loving our neighbours as ourselves. These commandments are placed into the context of an informal meeting of extended worship, prayer, friendship and the outworking of the spiritual gifts, giving space for God to speak and move amongst us, and the Holy Spirit permission to equip and train us in serving one another in love, and growing into a supernatural community. Each evening includes a short word or testimony and either ministry or training.

Although Belong is a partnership between St Barnabas Church, Winchester Baptist Church and Burn 24-7 Winchester, it is open to anyone and a number of other churches are joining the partnership and will also be hosting the meeting. Belong is a deliberate move in obedience to God to provide a meeting place for the whole Kingdom of the city to gather together. The logo symbolises the City of Winchester, the promises of God and the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Please check the Tribe Home page for this week’s venue details