Everyone has their own style of evangelism, key to their own personality and an

understanding of who they are, and so as we move into more evangelism over the next 12

months, we will be encouraging day to day styles of sharing faith which feel right to each

person involved. For some, this means talking directly to people in the street, or offering

prayer, blessing or healing. For others more comfortable in prophetic evangelism, spiritual

encouragements or readings, dream interpretation or prophetic photography may provide a

backdrop to blessing and praying for people, and then if appropriate talking about Jesus.

Whatever the method, we like to stress the importance of listening, both to the Holy Spirit

and to those we engage with. Listening is the key to a profitable encounter leading someone

who is searching for God into a lifelong relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit rather

than just saying a standardised prayer. For this reason, we call our evangelists Listeners,

providing each with a badge displaying a question mark, and encourage them with a

listening approach.

During more formally arranged times of evangelism, such as Tent on the Green or Street

Presence gatherings, we usually have live worship or godly sound taking place

simultaneously. We find this creates an atmosphere of heaven and breakthrough, helping to

make our efforts more relevant, inspiring people to understand quicker and ask the right

questions without fear or embarrassment. The Holy Spirit often becomes the Evangelist

when the presence of God breaks out, which means people approach the listeners first to

talk about what they experiencing or ask questions about how they are feeling. Sometimes

they respond to God directly, which means the role of the listener then changes to one who

explains what has just happened and how to move forward.

Whichever way people come to faith, discipling is taken very seriously. We have created a

system of discipleship using trainers called Buddies, whose role it is to train up to 3 new

believers over 6 weeks in their new identity. This Rapid Discipleship Course provides each

new Christian with a sound basis in their new faith, using The Discipleship Course

 as the basis for each meeting. This new course written by the

Westminster Theological Centre was commissioned by Burn 24-7 Winchester (Link) for the

first Tent on the Green festival (Link) at Winchester Cathedral at Pentecost – May 2016.

Once a new believer has completed the Discipleship Course, he / she can become a Buddy

too. This provides the framework for the rapid evangelisation of the city, as history shows it

is the friends of new Christians who are most likely to be saved next.


MATTHEW 28: 19-20

Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.