Offering reassurance safety and support, by caring, listening and helping since 2011.

Supported by volunteers from 15 churches across our city.

Teams of trained, uniformed volunteers are out in the city centre each Friday and Saturday night from 10pm until soon after 3 am the next day.

In summer months early teams visit non-city centre areas where younger people may be found on Friday evenings between 6 and 8 pm.

Our aim is to BE the Good News in order that we might earn a chance to SHARE it – the Church on the streets.

Although we don’t initiate faith conversations, we are finding that more and more people we meet either ask us to pray for them or respond positively to an offer coming out of a chat.

A few stats show what we get up to on the streets, but remember that each stat represents a contact with an individual.

In 2017 we:

 Helped 102 people who had overdone it

 Defused 28 aggressive situations

 Supported 135 vulnerable people

 Spent time with rough sleepers on 448 occasions

 Were called to help by door staff, CCTV or passers-by 50 times

 During this time we helped a total of 872 people

Come out one evening as an observer if you are interested in finding out more,

but I warn you … you may be hooked!

Contact me for more information:

Mark Hibbert-Hingston or 07740 288654


2017 video